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Created: 2017-03-03 16:54:16

As you know most of our core products are coming from Spain at this time of the year and all have been affected by the poor weather, from wet to freezing temperatures and even snow! Against all prediction, thankfully, the market has recovered quicker than anticipated and prices have pretty much regained they normal level for this time of the year. Again, thank you for your understanding over last couple of months.

Things to look for (or very seasonal): wild garlic leaves(soon to arrive!), smoked and pink garlic, morels mushrooms, salsify, monks beard, puntarella (Italian chicory), chime de rapa (turnip tops), purple sprouting broccoli, Swiss chard, grillote, roscoff and cippolini onion, Jersey royal,  tender stem broccoli, cabbages (spring green, black, Ispy, savoy), Trevisse salad and Castel Franco, netles, Fresh Peas and Fresh Broad Beans (Italy), Heritage Carrots, Round courgettes, Italian aubergine, black, round, and breakfast radishes, beetroot normal and baby (golden, candy and red), celeriac, Curley Kale, romanesco, Jerusalem, globe and baby artichokes, heritage and cow heart tomatoes, pink rhubarb, Romello peppers, blood oranges.  English Asparagus will start soon but will be very expensive at start… I would wait for April to put on menu!

Red Tractor / UK produce: see attached document

Expensive products to be aware of:  Morrels, cauliflower, yellow courgette. Watermelon, honey and galia melon.

Mushrooms: morels, girolles, mouton, pied bleu, trompette.

Unusual fruits or veg: san marzano tomatoes, Cheltenham long beetroot, Ice salad, sea kale, chervil and parsley root. purple cauliflower, romanesco, crosnes (Japenese artichokes), golden and candy beetroots, black and breakfast radish, Roscoff onions, custard apple, prickly pears (cactus fruit), smoked garlic, rainbow chard, Castel Franco (lettuce), parsley and chervil roots, puntarella. Italian aubergines.

Things to look for the month of April: Jersey Royal, English asparagus.

Others Lines of some interest? Cooking wine (red and white, port and madeira), vinegar (balsamic, white, red), mustard, ketchup, truffle oil and peelings, sunblushed tomatoes in oil, grilled vegetables in oil (artichokes, aubergines and mixed Peppers) …

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