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September 2016 MARKET REPORT

Date: 2016-09-22 10:57:30

Things to look for (or very seasonal): Squashes (harlequin, acorn, spaghetti, onion, French, butternut, petipan), corn on the cob, fine beans and yellow, yellow, green and round courgette, courgette flowers, marrow, peas, broad beans, berlotti beans, coco beans, runner beans, tenderstem broccoli, roscof onions, cippolini onions, Scallion onions, shallots, button onions, smoked garlic, rainbow chard, […]


Date: 2016-09-22 10:40:29

Things to look for (or very seasonal):   Celeriac, courgette, courgette flowers, marrow, corn on cob, carrots, leeks, broccoli, baby gem, cos lettuce, wild rocket, aubergine, Italian aubergine, fresh, Swiss Chard and rainbow chard, kohlrabi, baby artichokes, beans (coco, berlotti, runner, fine, yellow, broad), Romanesco, cauliflower (white, purple or yellow), black cabbage, kale (green and […]